2019 WA Gourmet Escape

goumet escape

The kitchen at Wise Restaurant in Eagle Bay is buzzing with excitement for next month’s WA Gourmet Escape which will see the team from Wise collaborate with head chefs from BO.LAN in Bangkok.

Head chef Ben Jacob and Townsend have been collaborating with the Thai team in preparation for the Gourmet Escape event. Each dish will be paired with a premium Leaf Series or Eagle Bay Series wine.

“It is such a great opportunity to see what other people are doing and have some fun in the kitchen while showcasing our regional produce in a different way,” he said.

“It is good for me and my staff and it is also great for the consumer who get to try something different of our great region.

“There is no doubt Gourmet Escape is good for the region, and one of the things we have going for us is that we have so many great restaurants down here, quite a lot of restaurants are in the top 50.”

Chef Townsend said at past Gourmet Escape events they have worked with Daniel Patterson from Long Chim and George Calombaris.

“We have had some fantastic chefs who we look at as our peers and respect highly, we get to chat with them like normal people in our kitchen,” he said.

“I also get a kick out of my staff loving the challenge of cooking new things, we are not a Thai restaurant and we will be bringing in two Thai chefs.
Chef Townsend said the off the back of Gourmet Escape he was already booked out around that time with different corporate events which was testament to how well that particular weekend worked.

“So many people are coming down for Gourmet Escape which is awesome,” he said.