Drinking Gin Gin Gin in Gingin

Drinking Signature Gingin Gin

Drinking Gin Gin Gin in Gingin

Wise Distiller and resident Ginius, Greg Garnish is on a mission – there are 11 towns in Western Australia with ‘gin’ in their names and he wants to visit all of them.

So while doing his bit to Wander Out Yonder, Greg is swinging through two towns from his list. So here he is saying ‘cheers’ to drinking Signature Gin Gin Gin in Gingin.🥂☀️

Can you guess what other ‘gin’ town he is visiting this week and seeking high level help to rename? You can find out on our facebook page.

Signature Gin is the original Wise Gin – triple distilled from Gingin clone Margaret River Chardonnay. It is beautifully aromatic and smooth. Juniper berries, lemon myrtle & citrus dominate the palate along with exotic spice the only addition is Margaret River rain water.

And in news just in from London our Signature Gin was one of only two West Aussie gins to receive a medal at the 2020 London Spirit Awards.

So we‘re very proud to be making the best gin in Australia’s South West and one of the two best gins in Western Australia according to the judges in London. We’ll raise a glass to that!



Hey what are you doing?
Drinking Gin.
What type of Gin?
Gin Gin Gin.
And where are ya?
So what are you actually doing?
Drinking Gin – Signature Gin Gin Gin – in Gingin…Gineous.