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Fundraising for any worthwhile cause

Wise Wine can help you fundraise by offering your group, supporters or members and their network great wines  & gin at discounted prices – with 20% of the sales value being passed back to your organisation as a donation to help with your fundraising efforts.

We have designed our fundraising offering to be fast to setup, attractive to your supporters, lucrative for you organisation and simple for you to coordinate.

To date Wise has donated $108546 to are wide range of causes from over 120 fundraising campaigns. It is very easy to participate, just complete the form at the bottom of this page. Contact free, COVID safe fundraising for any cause including:

  • school P&C
  • sporting clubs
  • performing arts schools
  • cultural project
  • charity
  • animal rescue
  • environment issue
  • disaster relief
  • special interest club or association
  • community project
  • corporate or office social clubs
  • a friend or family member in need
  • crowd funding of a great idea

Why wine fundraising?

Wine fundraising has great advantages for fundraising groups over other traditional methods that include chocolate drives, small merchandise items and fêtes.

  • Wine has a higher ticket value than many other fundraising options so there is more funds generated per item sold.
  • Good wine is almost universally popular with a large percentage of the adult population so your fundraiser will be on interest to a wide audience.
  • Lovers of wine need to restock their cellar on a regular basis so there will be plenty of sales opportunities for your fundraising campaign.
  • Wine fundraising is zero contact. This overcomes one of the biggest obstacles we currenctly have for fundraising in the COVID era.

The easiest fundraising you’ll ever do!

Your wine fundraiser will be super easy to organise, an easy sell to your supporters, require next to no ongoing effort and can make your group lots of profit. We do all the hard work of packing and delivering the wine and have systems in place to keep you up to date with progress towards your fundraising goal. At the end of your campaign we donate 20% of sales direclt into your organisations bank account.

Fast to setup wine fundraising

You can be fundraising within 24 hours of send us your enquiry. We set up your fundraiser on a unique page on our web site and provide you with a link to your fundraising page along with some suggested text to include in your email. You then cut & paste this text and link into an email to your members, post on facebook, twitter and instagram etc. It is important to keep reminding your network for the duration of your campaign. Ask your supporters to spread the word – the best fundraisers are spread virally by email, social media and word of mouth.

No upfront expense

Gone are the days of having to buy wine in bulk and do your own bottling. No more mess. No more printing of labels. And no left over wine. This is fundraising 21st century style! There is no setup fee or minimum sales volume so there is absolutely no risk to your group.

Your group does not have to pay for stock in advance and you do not need to commit to a minimum purchase quantity.

No volunteers required

Its so hard to engage volunteers these days – especially in the COVID era. Your cant blame people for getting fundraising fatigue – sausage sizzles, fetes, choccy drives – they all take a ton of work. A few simple emails or facebook posts is all that is required to launch your wine fundraiser.

No liquor licence required

We handle the sale of the wine through our liquor license so your group is not selling wine and does not require a liquor license. Wise Wine will carefully pack, check and send each order via Australia Post. All orders are traceable from the winery to you. You don’t need to be concerned with receiving the wine in bulk shipment and then having to split orders and arrange delivery.

High converting fundraising campaigns

We’ve done our best to make ordering wine for your fundraiser a breeze.
Wise Wine is a 5 Star James Halliday rated winery. Our website is simple, fast loading and user friendly. Visitors can see pictures of the wine and read tasting notes all without moving from the page.

Payments are securely processed via Paypal. Visa, Mastercard and American Express are accepted and there are no credit card fees.

Delivery is free Australia wide and delivery is generally within 3 to 7 day sin Perth and 7 to 10 work days elsewhere in Australia.

You control your wine fundraiser

You control how you want your fundraiser to run. Campaigns can be as long as you like but we have found the best campaigns are short (1 month) and accompanied by followup emails and social media posts.

Alternatively, you can set a fundraising target and we will let you know when your target is achieved. You can elect to keep the campaign going or close down and receive your donation.

How much can you fundraise?

The amount of money you can raise depends on what percentage of your supporters & contacts participate in the wine offer and how many people your contacts on-forward the offer to. You can make between $38 to $86 per dozen depending on the bottle price – the average is around $40 per doz.

Let’s do some sums

If you & your group, membership or club can reach out to say 1000 people and 10% buy a case of wine for $200, that’s $4000 raised. Then if these 100 buyers pass on the campaign link to another 10 people each (most people have a network of over 300 people) and just 10% participate, that’s another $4000. So you’ve quickly raised $8000  – And that’s just the start…by really stirring up some excitement about your fundraising via email and social media, your fundraising can quickly gain momentum and you will soon reach your fundraising goals.

Transparent, easy to manage process

We keep you informed of all new orders by an automated email so you know how many orders you have received and how much you have raised in total. We show visitors to your fundraising page how much has been raised and what the target is – this really motivates people to buy and to share your fundraiser with their connections.

For every order placed, we send you an automated email with details of the sale, how much will be donated to your cause and what your progressinve fundraising total is.

Donations are made as soon as your fundraiser is complete by direct payment to your organisation’s bank account – what could be easier?

You can also call us anytime that you have concerns or need advice.

How to start wine fundraising

If your group or membership can reach out to over 100 people and you are interested in participating in a Wise wine fundraising campaign, enter your details in our enquiry form below. If you need more information, please email us at

What our fundraisers are saying

Such a great fundraiser! Lots of people have commented on how easy it is to setup and the wine is fabulous. It’s such a great idea!

Rebecca Gray
Beaconsfield Primary School P&C
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About Wise Wine:

Wise Wine make a wide range of wine styles and regional varietals. The Wise philosophy is to source small parcels of the highest quality fruit from top vineyards in the regions most suited to grow each grape variety. With a range of 20 quality sparkling, white, red, dessert and fortified wines, we can confidently say that we have a wine to delight all palates.The outstanding value of our wines is perhaps our greatest strength. Wise Wine is not pretentious about wine and we want everybody to enjoy and be able to afford our wines. We understand the importance of delivering excellent value to our customers. We don’t spend a fortune on marketing and advertising, so instead we invest in good wine making equipment, the best fruit and great wine-making people!

Wise Wine founder Ron Wise is a long term supporter of many charitable and artistic causes and Wise Wine is ready to support your next fundraising project.


By law, participants must be 18 or over to buy wine.

The minimum order is 12 bottles and thereafter in multiples of 12 so that we can process orders efficiently. Mixed dozens are welcome and a great way to for your supporters to try a range of our wines.
We reserve the right to retain your members email address for future wine marketing however they can simply unsubscribe if they don’t want to hear from us anymore.
Only orders placed through your customised webpage will earn you donations – we can’t offer fundraising with orders placed via phone, fax, email or in person at our Tasting Room or retailers of Wise wine.