Organic Gin arrives at Wise

Wise Organic Gin

Distilling gins and other spirits is a dark art– equal parts alchemy, rocket science and artistry. Since commencing distillation just over 12 months ago, the Wise range of gins and spirits have been enthusiastically received by our visitors and loyal online customers. Now Wise Wine has released our first Organic Gin. We are very excited about this and the prospects of further organic gin variants.

Let the Fun Be Gin

It was around the start of 2019 when Ron Wise was looking around for opportunities to diversify his portfolio of projects at Wise Estate in Eagle Bay at the far north of the Margaret River wine growing region. The property was already host to a successful winery, cellar door, restaurant and tavern but Ron felt there was scope to complete the canvas with a more bespoke venture.

The idea to install a distillery was put to Ron by General Manager Greg Garnish. Greg, an accomplished distiller, could see that the Capes region was crying out for a Distillery to provide another tasting experience to tempt the many local, interstate and overseas visitors to the area each year.

So during the cold winter months of 2019, Greg and the Wise team set about gutting the existing Cellar Door and installing a 380 litre STILL Dragon kettle. The plan was to distill the gins right in front of our visitors so they could experience the production process and taste the spirits as they were bottled. There was huge excitement as the first experimental runs were assessed and techniques refined. Soon we had a solid range of high quality gins and spirits that we were able to share with visitors and take on the road to wine and food events.

Genesis of Wise Organic Gin

Greg has the dual talents of being a winemaker and a distiller. His wine is good, but his distilling credentials are unsurpassed in the region. He gained notoriety with the first Margaret River version of Pisco. Greg’s Signature Gin Gin Gin medalled at the 2020 London International Spirit Competition – one of only 2 in Australia.

Greg is passionate about gin distilling and exploring the wonderful range of flavours and aromas possible through carefully controlling the distillation and addition of botanicals – carefully prepared fruits, herbs and spices.

The idea to make an organic gin was sparked by feedback from many visitors to the Wise Tasting Room who voiced disappointment with the quality of many of the mass-produced commercial gins. Tasters of Wise gins raved about the clean, natural aroma and flavour of gin distilled from organically grown Gin Gin clone chardonnay grapes and pristine Eagle Bay rain water.