Sanitiser Packs

Doing our bit – introducing Wise Sanitiser

With the current global conditions and the world wide shortage Sanitiser – Wise wine is ready to join the good fight by producing our own organic Sanitiser.

With all natural organic ethanol, our 70% alcohol based Sanitiser is perfect to clean surfaces and your hands.

Wise Sanitiser is now available Online – choose below from a 2 x 750 ml bottle Twin Pack, Six Pack & Dozen CartonĀ  – all at very competitive prices. Email or call 08 9750 3100 for bulk order inquiries.

We have just tripled our production capacity with the addition of 2 new stills. We want to make a big contribution to reducing the world wide shortage of alcohol based Sanitiser.

Please help us to do our bit by buying your Wise Sanitiser online today.

Our team will work around the clock to keep up with demand. Together we can make the world a cleaner, safer place…Stay Safe.

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