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Wise Organic Gin is made from certified organic chardonnay, processed at an organically certified winery and distillery


Gin & Tonic Day

It is almost a medical truism that Gin & Tonic is medicinal. Tonic water contains quinine which gives your protection from malaria. Limes contain vitamin C which protects you from scurvy. And Gin just makes everything better. Winston Churchill certainly believed so. He is quoted as saying “The gin and tonic has saved more Englishmen’s lives , and minds, than all the doctors in the Empire.” Today, Wednesday 19 October is International Gin & Tonic Day🍹. And we’re celebrating […]

Organic Gin arrives at Wise

Wise Organic Gin

Distilling gins and other spirits is a dark art– equal parts alchemy, rocket science and artistry. Since commencing distillation just over 12 months ago, the Wise range of gins and spirits have been enthusiastically received by our visitors and loyal online customers. Now Wise Wine has released our first certified Organic Gin. We are very excited about this and the prospects of further organic gin variants. Let the Fun Be Gin It was around the […]