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Gin & Tonic Day

It is almost a medical truism that Gin & Tonic is medicinal. Tonic water contains quinine which gives your protection from malaria. Limes contain vitamin C which protects you from scurvy. And Gin just makes everything better. Winston Churchill certainly believed so. He is quoted as saying “The gin and tonic has saved more Englishmen’s lives , and minds, than all the doctors in the Empire.” Today, Wednesday 19 October is International Gin & Tonic Day🍹. And we’re celebrating […]

Drinking Gin Gin Gin in Gingin

Drinking Signature Gingin Gin

Drinking Gin Gin Gin in Gingin Wise Distiller and resident Ginius, Greg Garnish is on a mission – there are 11 towns in Western Australia with ‘gin’ in their names and he wants to visit all of them. So while doing his bit to Wander Out Yonder, Greg is swinging through two towns from his list. So here he is saying ‘cheers’ to drinking Signature Gin Gin Gin in Gingin.🥂☀️ Can you guess what other […]

Join us for Yin & Tonic


Join us for the half day Yin & Tonic Retreat here at Wise Estate overlooking beautiful Eagle Bay, in the South West of Western Australia.  Surrender to the Art of Yin Yoga before enjoying a fresh cold pressed juice or barista made coffee, then settle into a guided meditation before soaking up some knowledge in Wise’s Gin Tutorial and Tasting. Finishing off by indulging in a beautiful long table lunch, made with local ingredients. Grab your Yin and Gin loving […]