Wise Mountain Bike Trails

Wise MTB Trails open 25 November 2018Wise Trails are privately owned gravity oriented mountain bike trails located at Wise Estate/Lot80 in the Meelup valley overlooking Meelup beach and Meelup Regional Park.

If you want to come ride remember you must have a current MTBA membership.

Trail operating hours:

  • Wednesday 3-6
  • Saturday 8-6
  • Sunday 8-6
  • Other times can available at request.

There is no charge to use the trails, a donation towards maintenance is always appreciated as they are maintained by volunteers.

What to do:

Park at the Lot 80 Tavern car park, head in and sign the waiver, present your MTBA number, have a coffee, get your bike, put your protective gear on and head on up the up trail, stay on the tracks and do not enter the winery site, get to the top (70m climb), catch your breath and take in the view. Choose your track (at this stage 3 downhill choices which are all rollable) and cautiously take your first ride down the natural terrain and fine loamy soil of the wise trails, repeat until you need a break at either of the two restaurants on the property. Nice!