Gins of the Outback Project

7 Gins of the Outback

2020 has challenged us all with a common enemy, but the spirit and the unity of the people of Western Australia have shown the rest of the World we are strong and we are resilient and there is a bright future ahead for us all.

Hard borders and the inability to travel inspired Greg to look at how we as West Australians can travel and enjoy our own backyard and from that came the idea of the Gins of The Outback Project.

During the spring of 2020 Greg visited the seven towns of WA with “gin” it their name meeting the legends, learning the myths and most importantly foraging for local native botanicals to make a gin specifically for each town. The Gins of the Outback will be available only in each town and from the tasting room at Wise Eagle Bay.



Only 1000 bottles from each town are produced. For a guided sampling of the Gins of the Outback, please make a reservation with our Tasting Room on 08 9750 3103 or buy online here

Outback Gins range


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